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San Miguel


The Challenge

To give people a reason to believe that sometimes having “nothing” gives you much more. Much more energy and freedom.




July 2018

Presenting our first campaign for alcohol free San Miguel. The unique taste of a great beer for the true “cervecero”.

In Spanish cervercero means a beer expert, lover and fan, but in a fun twist of the word, cero al means zero, like zero alcohol. So this is the perfect beer for beer lovers who get all the enjoyment of a great beer without the alchohol.

This is the journey and personality of a leading brand in the category of non-alcoholic beers that invites you to enjoy the best of life. A campaign that alludes to the pride of being a Cerve-Cero, part of a new lifestyle in a conscious, voluntary and convincing way.

Have a look at the spot that is running nationally across Spain.


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