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The best of 2017

Our work for PipasG Grefusa is one of the most popular ads of 2017 according to Youtube stats and Generation Young. With the concept “It could only happen with PipasG”, and the trust and…

13:12:17 – Sarah O.

LOLA Barcelona´s Nacho and Néstor Featured in Marketing Directo

Marketing Directo, Spain´s first digital marketing journal with over a million viewers, interviewed LOLA Barcelona´s Nacho and Néstor about the success of the PipasG campaign and…

22:03:17 – LOLA Crew
4 mins

"Anagram lovers", CICLOPE Festival finalist.

Annually held since 2010, CICLOPE Festival is a conference and an award show that comes together in a two-day event full of content and networking activities. The conference offers inspiring…

20:07:16 – LOLA Crew

Cannes Lions impressions by Tomás Ostiglia

Hi sir, so you are back from Côte d'Azur, would you spend your summer there? Is Cannes a nice place to stay with your family? Cannes definitely has fame and beauty as a convention city, but…

30:06:16 – LOLA Crew

Gonzalo Arce: Lego, 3D and drums.

  Well known in town, he has built his career up from humility and making things happen. Gonzalo Arce de la Gala is always ready to chat about his projects, background and early path in…

15:06:16 – LOLA Crew

Free co-working space project LOLA Space Invaders takes off in Barcelona

  Daniel, Marina, Roger, Ismael, Juan Pablo, Xavier, José, Sergio, José David, Emmanuel y Isaura are now the LOLA Space Invaders.. The presentation night took place last…

25:05:16 – LOLA Crew

Portraying Africa with Almudena Parejo

Where does the idea of going to Africa comes from? Why Gambia?  The idea came a really freezing day in the library with one of my university colleagues, Laura Cobarro. We were studying for our…

13:01:16 –

Juan Sevilla about Christmas

Creative Director Juan Sevilla, has been asked to give his professional and personal point of view on the Spanish advertising scene in Christmas. December’s traditional celebration means…

22:12:15 –

Seijo, a musical experiment

Seijo was born from a love of music and the friendship of Ana and Pablo that has spanned 7 years and 3 cities. By day, Ana Prado is an Art Director in LOLA Barcelona but by night, she…

29:09:15 – Miguel S.

TheBasement, by Borja Soler

The pantry in the hallway hid the collection of my father’s records, a place I visited from time to time to contemplate the covers of the records that were played at home. From the Rolling…

19:08:15 – Miguel S.


Letterism is a project that was started in 2011 by one of LOLA Madrid’s Art Directors, Ausias Pérez, and by Dano Ziontifik, a multi-talented music producer, MC and…

29:07:15 – Miguel S.

Asier García: “Still learning from the people who’ve guided me”

We’re inspired by everything that inspires others, whether it’s art, music or sports. Inspiration is always something that arrives by chance. Sometimes it comes to us in the form of…

03:06:15 – Miguel S.

Cornetto at the top

LOLA launched Lost and Found for Cornetto in early April in Turkey starring pop star Yalin. The music vídeo garnered over 10 million impressions in the first 5 days. It held the number one…

22:04:15 – Miguel S.

Nacho and Nestor in "DON" Magazine.

Nacho Oñate and Nestor Garcia de LOLA Barcelona, speak with @RevistaDon in a report entitled "Ideas on wheels" . Creative partner who has a well-known style in the advertising industry stars…

11:03:15 – Miguel S.

Love Conquers Youtube

Cornetto Algida (Italy) leads the ranking for the most successful advertising campaigns on YouTube in Italy, in 2014 , with ‘ Cupidity Love Story ‘ The spot, created to launch Cornetto…

16:01:15 – Miguel S.