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Juan Sevilla about Christmas

Creative Director Juan Sevilla, has been asked to give his professional and personal point of view on the Spanish advertising scene in Christmas. December’s traditional celebration means…

22:12:15 –

Chacho, President of Direct Jury, Eurobest

"From the organiser of Cannes Lions, eurobest is the world’s pre-eminent celebration of European creativity. It’s a festival that draws on the continent’s varied cultures and…

26:08:15 – Miguel S.

Cátia’s illustrations

Cátia loves stories and one day she decided to draw images that would be like a second narrative that makes readers’ imaginations soar. Her illustrations are conceptual, playing with…

01:07:15 – Miguel S.

IPG Creates Mullen Lowe Group

The Movement Joins an Agency Leader U.S. and Global Cultures Creative Commons Network with Customer Service of the most dynamic world markets. Interpublic Group today announced, on May 11, the union…

11:05:15 – Miguel S.

Magnum in Integration 40

The Magnum campaign Celebrating 25 Years of Pleasure has been included in Integration 40, a collection of the best campaigns in the world, harnessing the power of multiple agencies and multiple…

27:04:15 – Miguel S.

Nacho and Nestor in "DON" Magazine.

Nacho Oñate and Nestor Garcia de LOLA Barcelona, speak with @RevistaDon in a report entitled "Ideas on wheels" . Creative partner who has a well-known style in the advertising industry stars…

11:03:15 – Miguel S.

LOLA among the world’s top agencies

It has been a fantastic year for LOLA and we wanted to share the good news. In the recently published Cannes Report, LOLA is ranked among the top 20 agencies in the world with award winning work…

20:10:14 – Miguel S.

Top 5 Summer Ads in Spain

LOLA were delighted to help launch the new Radler drinks from Amstel and Buckler this summer. Totally rad(ler)! And, with both featuring in the top three most viewed ads in Spain this summer, we…

04:09:14 – Miguel S.

LOLA & LÍBERO: Explaining it with football

“Toca, toca, toca, toca. Habla, habla, habla…” (“Pass, pass, pass, pass. Talk, talk, talk”) Football fans in Spain have a new catchphrase on their lips this month,…

21:01:14 – Miguel S.