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Our culture

“Anagram Lovers” in TIME Magazine

We are very proud that our latest campaign to scrabble appears in Time magazine. “Anagram Lovers” is our latest work for Scrabble with Landia and Director Rodrigo Saavedra. This film…

28:05:15 – Miguel S.

LOLA at Cuatro

Gem Romero , Head of Planning & Strategy in LOLA, gives his opinion and expertise in the Channel Four program Departed . The research program will study the effectiveness of communication of the…

06:05:15 – Miguel S.

Gem Romero in LaSexta

Gem Romero , Head of Planning & Strategy in LOLA Barcelona was chosen among several experts to give their opinion on the success of the brand strategy and its eminent Corporacion Dermoestetcia…

27:03:15 – Miguel S.

Gem Romero about political party "Podemos" as a brand (spanish only)

Gem Romero, Head of Strategy and Planning en LOLA Barcelona opina sobre la marca Podemos en España, en la revista Anuncios. “La propuesta de valor de Podemos hoy es esencialmente un…

23:03:15 – Miguel S.

Nacho and Nestor in "DON" Magazine.

Nacho Oñate and Nestor Garcia de LOLA Barcelona, speak with @RevistaDon in a report entitled "Ideas on wheels" . Creative partner who has a well-known style in the advertising industry stars…

11:03:15 – Miguel S.

Pancho at The future of Advertising

What are the paths that lead to the advertising future of tomorrow?   A few days after the Congress on the Future of Advertising we reflect on the subject. What is clear is that will move…

05:03:15 – Miguel S.

Adlatina and LOLA

As every year, Adlatina distinguishes in its pages the work of agencies , creatives, managers, planners and practitioners in the world of advertising. This year , LOLA has been part of the agencies…

16:02:15 – Miguel S.

LOLA and the Sk8ter Spirit

If there’s anyone at LOLA that fully represents the agency’s Skater Sprit, it’s Sebastián Arce Romero, “Sebas”, the indispensable Creative Producer at LOLA since…

21:01:15 – Miguel S.

‘The global viewpoint from Spain’

LOLA CEO & Partner Miguel Simoes has this week written an article for popular communications magazine Campaign. Writing about how LOLA has overcome the difficulties of client-agency mistrust…

11:06:14 – Miguel S.