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Magnum's campaign featured in Vogue.

Giving visibility to Lesbians.

It's not strange that nowadays people are looking for media which relates in many levels towards their race, sexual orientation, values and others. 

Vogue magazine Spain wrote about visility of LGBTQ community in the fashion world specifically Lesbians. Not that this is strange in Hollywood, TV or  cinema. People like Ellen Degeneres, Rubi Rose, Kristen Stewart. Spanish women such as Elena Anaya, Cayetana Guillén Cuervo and Sandra Barneda are considered influential lesbians in the country. 

Vogue comments on what fashion industry has done to show visilibilty for Lesbians: 

"Because, in this struggle, men also have an advantage: male homosexuality is generally more accepted than female homosexuality. Those who promoted the first manifestations for the rights of the gay community were men, yes. Many more gay opinion leaders are known than lesbians." 

The fashion industry has given gay men the best opportunities to grow as professionals most of the iconic designers are gay: Calvin Klein, Gianni Versace, Alexander McQueen, Domenico and Stefano from D&G. But as the article mentions we have to come to realise that fashion industry must showcase that lesbians are working int the industry and in fact they are as successful as gay men. 

Sebastián Sandolli social media  from agency La Despensa mentions: 

"The only appearances that you will see with a lesbian (or majority) character are always sexualized, directed at heterosexual men. At no point will the goal be to give visibility to the lesbian community, but rather the basic sex sells, "he says, and points to Miranda Kerr as a precursor to the lesbian chic concept."

The industry has helped giving a voice and more visibility. The term Lesbian chic has come to play an important role in the diversity fight for acceptance. This term has been used for women who are sexualized as lesbians in order to sell in the industry. Lesbians have found that this term and way of thiking allows people to think that is a trend to be lesbian for some period and takes off the reality of many gay people around the world. 

In LOLA we did the Magnum campaign in order to show in media that diversity matters and that is okay to be gay. With a message of diversity, acceptance, love and fun we created "the ceremony" 

Watch it here:

Tomas Ostiglia our global creative director quotes in the article: 

"We are based on the purpose of the brand, which is to support authenticity within the world of pleasure." The arrival of white chocolate ice cream, Magnum White, to Australia came after a plebiscite on negative marriage. This piece contributed our grain of sand or, rather, of vanilla, to add to the cause."

For full Vogue article in Spanish: