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Hello Pulpofrito!

Juanan tell us about his new book. It sounds good!

Pulpofrito (fried octopus) was born 7 years ago. Originally it was going to be a travel guide about 3 friends on a journey to Japan (the name comes from a museum in Osaka dedicated to fried octopus). But, my friends backed out of the trip at the last minute and I had to have surgery and be on bed rest so instead of going to Japan, I started to blogging.

After a while, good friends of mine who worked in the videogame magazine sector (Loading, Gamestech…) decided to join the project and get into podcasting too. It started off well and only got better, the Blog posts and the podcast was working very very well but sometimes we felt overwhelmed by the affection of our fans. (You had to see my face the first time someone wanted to take a photo with me – Thanks Bob Herzog, quite a sight!).

Our secret?? Be natural and be always ourselves.

So as we grew and learned we decided to embark on a new project. We wanted to make a book with podcast scripts to have it as a souvenir, and when people heard about it, they started to ask for the book. So…we went all out, and wrote the scripts as if they were articles. That was the easy part, because then I had to face Indesign J but thanks to my friends in LOLA (Max, Marc and Toni) I got better.

Now, a year after the first book, we´ve just launched the second volume which we presented in October at Retrobarcelona, at the Barcelona Games World fair with a live podcast. The book has 255 pages, full of love and is dedicated to you if you answer “yes” to any of the following questions:

Do you like Super Mario? Do you remember that arcade where you ended up in your underpants and without armor? Did you fight with the bad boys of your neighborhood in Final Fight or Street Fighter? Have a look at our book, and let´s reminisce about the classics!

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 Thanks for telling us about your book Juanan and Congrats! :)