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The best of 2017

PipasG is a hit with young viewers

Our work for PipasG Grefusa is one of the most popular ads of 2017 according to Youtube stats and Generation Young.

With the concept “It could only happen with PipasG”, and the trust and collaboration of our client Grefusa, our team Barcelona team made one of the most unforgettable campaigns of the year.

LOLA tapped Barcelona based musicians Ba$$ilones, to create a variety of entertaining video spots, each one paired with its own hilarious and catchy tune built around the quirky and beloved features of the world´s best sunflower seeds.

 “Sometimes all you need to grab people’s attention is a good rhythm. This ad has it in abundance”. – Generation Young

Nestor García, Executive Creative Director of LOLA MullenLowe Barcelona, describes the intentions of the campaign as “very simple… We have tried to make sections as easy to consume as a package of PipasG from the perspective of product insights, that´s it”.

Watch the videos here

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