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LOLA Ads Featured in Top 10 of El Mundo

Celebrating 31 Years of Ads that Humour

Ads that sell and also make us laugh.

El Mundo, Spain´s second-largest newspaper, selected the Top 10 ads of the past 31 years that have made Spain laugh, but have also boosted sales. Two spots from LOLA MullenLowe were among the selection. Have a look, and a laugh at the Top 10.

Here are the two ads featured:

'The sun is not what they say it is´

Part of a campaign of three ads for Visionlab, the LOLA agency won the Golden Sun with this spot in 2014. Thanks to this agency the brand managed to give a 180º turn to their previous campaigns betting on humor.



Also from the LOLA agency, the ad was created for the magazine Libero in 2014, a year in which it won the Sun of Silver. The campaign, 'If they explain it to you with football, you understand', garnered huge coverage for its award. The spot promoted the message that changes must be done to explain things to men to make them understand them, because with football.

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