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Art for social distancing

Magnum creates XXL towels crafted by artists

Our Executive Creative Director, Tomás Ostiglia, sat down with the prestigous Communication Arts magazine to talk about our latest project for Unilever's Magnum ice cream.

The brief was tricky. How do we keep enjoying the pleasures of summer while staying safe? Magnum believes that a day without pleasure is a day lost and we weren't about let the summer pass us by.

“Magnum is an elegant and sophisticated ice cream brand. Style and art have been an integral part of our work for Magnum over the years through various collaborations with recognized and emerging artists. Since summer is one of the happiest times of the year, it was important for Magnum to create functional works of art so people could appreciate the beach in a pleasant but safe way. Keeping the distance but still keeping the pleasure.” - Tomás Ostiglia

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