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Tik Tok Boom

Estefania Navarro, our Social Media Strategist in Barcelona, recently spoke with Marketing News about the advantages of using Tik Tok as an advertising platform.

The full article is HERE in Spanish and below is a translated excerpt.

TikTok, that app that some looked at with suspicion and seemed destined for Gen Z, just celebrated two years in Spain and has established itself as an important source of entertainment for a wider audience, of income for content creators and platform advertising for brands.

How did we get here? Part of this success we owe to content creators. Yes, creativity is the essence of TikTok. So much so that the platform has just launched the Creators Fund in Europe, an incentive to continue nurturing creative talent by giving creators the opportunity to earn money.
In order to access this Fund for Creators, users have to meet the following requirements: be of legal age, accumulate more than 10,000 followers, have more than 10,000 views in the last 30 days and publish original content that respects its “rules of the community". And the other part is the algorithm, TikTok'sthe other strong point.
The platform uses machine learning technology to offer a personalized feed to each user, providing the opportunity to connect with profiles that you do not follow and thus discover new content. This allows any tiktoker to go viral, and that is one of the great incentives for users who, when creating content, seek their great opportunity.