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SEAT Digital Museum

We are so happy to share our latest project for SEAT that highlights our commitment to technology, innovación and stories that connect with the hearts of people.

The new SEAT Digital Museum makes it possible for anyone, anywhere to access the rich historical archives of the iconic brand through an innovative format that is not limited by location or physical barriers. The museum invites you to take a journey through SEAT´s designs, anecdotes, and historical images that highlights its commitment to innovation and technology while reflecting a country that has changed immensely over the past 70 years.

Jürgen Stackmann, President of SEAT International, introduced the museum to the public at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt. The agency LOLA led the design and development of the project.

For Daniele Cicini, Global Business Director at LOLA, “it was fascinating to work on this project. Being able to investigate the historic archives of SEAT allowed us to have a deeper understanding of the brand´s essence throughout its 70-year history. The client´s decision to digitize all of this material and share it with the world, above all, shows the attitude of a brand that has been fearless and committed to innovation and growth.”

Since it birth in 1953, SEAT has been an important fixture in Spain. In 1957, when they launched the affordable and adorable car 600 the possibility of having one´s own car became a reality and new concepts like domingueo, (Sunday driver) became a part of daily life.

Suddenly, weekend getaways with the family and visits to remote villages didn´t seem so exotic. Today, the innovation and technology have made those trips safer and more comfortable, but just as enjoyable. All of these stories and more can be found throughout the museum.

The project started with Archithon, an international co-creation contest, organized by LOLA, that included the participation of 40 architecture students from Spain and Germany who worked in a 48 hour marathon to create the design for the virtual building that houses the SEAT Digital Museum. The event took place in the Port Vell in Barcelona in May.
Anton Sahler, of the University of Kasse, and Patricia Loges, of the Technical University of Berlin, created the winning design.

Miguel S.

CEO MullenLowe Group W. Europe