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Negri: ARTist and ART Director.

When did you first start having an active interest for art and painting?

At the age of 3 I did my first Pollock. The first expression of my mom was “What have you done to my living room?” and she confiscated my crayons for that day…


That was an approximation, but my real first contact with art was at high school. I was preparing my AS Arts Exam for the University of Cambridge. My teacher was an old and lovely woman. I draw a paper boat in the middle of a glass of water surrounded by clouds. She saw it and instantly she said “You would like René Magritte”. She was definitely wrong… I didn’t like it, I loved it!

How is the art industry for amateurs? Have you managed to sell any paintings in your early days?

Well, when I was still a trainee, I spent a year in an agency without a salary, for my surprise I got my first wages from my art before I did from advertising. Some guy from Russia found me in Deviant Art. The piece is called Botnia and it portraits an origami pigeon in a real nest.

After that I stop dramatically to sell any other painting…


Not really… it wasn’t that bad. I got my first salary on advertising.

Do you use the same technique here and now than you did in Argentina?

Now is different, I shifted from acrylic to oil painting and the result is great, much

faster, better transitions and it has a great result.

The first day I met my new teacher, she gift me a briefcase after showing her my work. That was a clear sign of trust in my conditions.

But what surprised me most were the facilities. The atelier here counts with lockers, your own easel, and hot water for pencils. Quite different from an undeveloped country where you have to deal even with the lack of electricity during summer. The positive part is that once you learn from poor circumstances. You know how to solve problems better than someone who always worked in perfect conditions.

Something similar occurs in advertising. In Argentina we are fire fighters, here scientists.


How do you manage to expose your art to the world?

I had the honour of been contacted by people from Atelier des Jeunes a very important online gallery from Spain. They showed interest in some of my paintings so they offered me to be one of their foreign artists. Since this, I have sold some limited edition prints of my paintings 1969 and All pilost have flown, at least once, real planes.

They also have exhibited my work in important galleries from Spain such as La Atomicain Valladolid and Miscelánea Barcelona. Also at Slyzmud Gallery in Buenos Aires.

But the most important gallery ever is the billboard in front of LOLA Madrid. My painting1969 was selected to be part of the agency I spent such many hours. That’s a full reward for me and I’m completely grateful for that.

Many people enter the agency asking if the office is an Art Gallery. That’s a unique feeling.

What is your latest work? What are you doing right now? How do you combine your job and your passion?

My last work was a present for my niece for her 15th birthday. It’s called The Celebration.

I’m about to finish a new painting, but as you can imagine, I just have two hours a week to do it. This will be my fisrt oil painting.

I can last one entire year for releasing one new painting. That is the main reason why my paintings are not for sale, unless some one convince me they are for a mind changer price…


My job and my passion compete in a matter of time dedication, but they complement each other in ideas feed. Advertising is not an Art. And Art is not a way of Advertising. Most advertisers think they are doing art, but they are wrong. The best example of this is my painting called 29999. It consists in a winged car, which wanted to be free from his owner. It was originally an idea for a car insurance pitch that the client laughed at it, but never approved. So instead, I decided to paint it. The piece was quite successful in my arts surroundings. So as you can see, sometimes an idea has place in the world of Fine Arts, but no in the world of Advertising.

Art doesn’t know about brief but about feelings.

What would you do if you were full time artist?

I would do ads in my free time. 

If this would be possible, would you do a portrait of Magritte and then give it to him?

Of course, If he can pays for it ????



Atelier des Jeunes:


All pilots…:

The Celebration:


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