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Diversity & Inclusion Report


The World Federation of advertisers has launched a new guide on diversity and inclusion in marketing.

The guide includes cases that exemplify an equitable and accurate representation of race and ethnicity, ability, sexuality, gender identity and age in marketing.

The aim of the new report is to share good practices and insights in relation to internal company policies and set-ups as well as how to improve the content of brand communications so that the myriad of different consumers, partners and employees who make up a brands’ universe feel truly represented.

We are so proud to have our latest work for Magnum included in the report as an example of diversity in age representation.
In a sector full of extremely young talent, we decided to break with the mold and choose the legendary Iris Afpel as the new face of Magnum at age 97, for their anual global campaign.

The campaign is a window into Iris’ fascinating life and the many ways that she has proudly pursued her own true pleasures. It encourages a new generation of pleasure seekers to let go and indulge, taking inspiration from her own life, to be authentic to what personally brings them true pleasure.

As our Executive Creative Director, Tomás Ostiglia explains: 

“we found it very powerful that a 97-year-old person speaks so eloquently to younger generations, essentially telling them that everything she will leave behind isn’t material but spiritual. And she says it with the authority and honesty of someone who has lived a very interesting and authentic life.”

See the work here:

MAGNUM "Iris Apfel - The Will" from Proppa on Vimeo.