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Líbero wins the gold at the Effectiveness Awards

“LOLA is an agency that is a leader in international brand construction based out of Spain and Portugal and generates an international reputation that is difficult to find in Europe. This is because of the complementary nature of its extraordinary talent, which I’ve wanted to join, in order to provide increased value to its clients. I’m certain that the strategic talent that already exists, led by Amaya Coronado and Gem Romero, combined with my experience at international agencies and, ultimately, on the client’s side (also internationally), we can make LOLA an even more competitive agency on an international scale,” Del Manto said.

Líbero’s campaign, produced by LOLA “Si te lo explican con futbol, lo entiendes” (“If they explain it to you with football, you get it”) continues to reap awards more than ten months after it was launched nationally. The last of these was a gold in Effectiveness in Commercial Communication with a budget of less than €250,000 at the Effectiveness Awards gala this year, held on October 23 in Madrid and which brought together the most relevant personalities in the world of advertising and communication.

“If they explain it to you with football, you get it” is the concept created by LOLA to communicate the Líbero was not only a football magazine, but a magazine that, through this sport, also discussed topics such as art, history or literature. The television campaign was produced by Blur and directed by the Argentine Federico Cummins, who was also the producer of the well-known campaign “Trojan Horse” by Stella Artois in Argentina.

Miguel S.

CEO MullenLowe Group W. Europe