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LOLA MullenLowe agency of the year at El Sol Festival 2016 (and Spain the most awarded country)

El Sol festival is the Ibero American Festival of Communication that can be defined with three concepts : an international multimedia Ibero American creativity meeting. We are celebrating twice as this year Spain has received in the 31st edition: 118 Soles, 3 more than the past year; becoming the most awarded country in the festival.


El Sol in numbers:

23 Soles are the result of a year of work. 

8 different clients: Magnum, Unilever brand, Cornetto, Líbero, Nomad, Scrabble, Pilsen, Deliveroo. 

11 different ideas, Magnum Be True To Your Pleasure, Cornetto Series Commitment, Líbero Spray, Líbero Maradona Radio, Líbero Footbal vs Alzheimer, Unilever Superhomes, Pilsen Baño Cero, Nomad Road to Tokyo, Scrabble Christmas Anagrams, Scrabble Crossroads y Deliveroo Instamats.




Gold – Unilever Superhomes

Bronze - Deliveroo Instamats


Promotional marketing

Bronze - Pilsen Baño Zero 


Direct Marketing

Silver - Líbero Football vs Alzheimer 

Bronze - Unilever Superhomes 



Gold - Magnum Be True To Your Pleasure

Bronze - NOMAD Road to tokyo

Bronze - Líbero Spray



Bronze - Scrabble Crossroads



Gold - NOMAD - Road to tokyo

Silver - Unilever Superhomes

Bronze - Líbero Football vs Alzheimer



Oro - Líbero Football vs Alzheimer

Bronce - Líbero - Maradona



Oro –Scrabble -  Anagram Christmas

Plata - NOMAD - Road to tokyo

Bronce - Líbero Spray


Branded Ciontent 

Oro - Alzheimer

Bronce - Road to tokyo

Bronce - Instamats 



Oro - Magnum Be True To Your Pleasure

Bronce - Líbero Football vs Alzheimer



Bronce  - Cornetto - Commitment Rings


The hashtag is #VAMOOOSEQUIPO, after the proper celebrations, we are getting ready for the next challenges.