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LOLA’S 2013 Highlights

A year of innovation and invention, viral videos and exciting new clients, 2013 has been one of LOLA’s best ever. Rather than waffle on about all the amazing things we did however, we thought it better to invite our wonderful staff to tell you their own highlights of the year. Caution, may contain silliness:

Chacho Partner / Executive Creative Director
For me, when we won Mattel was one of the highlights because it was our first European account outside of the Unilever world and it was the work of a great team. It demonstrated what we are doing here. And obviously SEAT was the icing on the cake.

Daniele Client Services Director
The impressive successes in New Business; the ‘Ninonino’ for Buckler and going up to receive the silver Effie for our Shandy campaign, of course.

Aida Trainee Art Director
LOLA and The Sierra (When LOLA took all its employees to a rural house for a celebration/team building day).

Marta Trainee Creative
The Monday after we had spent the weekend at the rural house in the Sierra. Everyone was in a good mood, making jokes and talking together with more confidence. You could see the house had united us as a team.

Harry Junior Account Executive
The Cornetto Love Plane. It captured the best summer love vibes.

Tomás Global Creative Director
The best moment by far was when Juan Sevilla (Creative Director) suckled Tura the dog with his own hands and drank the glass of milk.

Emilio Copywriter
Watching the programme ‘Locked up’ (Encarcelados) with Juan Sevilla.

Himar Art Director
Emilio’s carrot cakes.

Nico Copywriter
The never-ending applause for the employment of Isa (Receptionist).

Sandra Trainee Creative
The days when the fridges get filled with ice creams!

Elena Account Director
The best moment was when Jaime (Regional Account Manager) was locked inside the agency overnight.

Maria Account Manager
The day when our dog Tura bit Jaime (yes, the same one) on the leg or when Laura G(Global Account Executive) came in wearing two pairs of tights when it was 27º outside.

Sebas Creative Producer
My best moment was exactly a year ago when I joined the LOLA Madrid team. From that moment on, all of 2013 was a “great moment”!

Natalia Graphic Production Assistant
It was when Miguel & Chacho called the whole agency in to the Dorada meeting room to tell us that we had won the SEAT account. Suddenly, champagne was flying everywhere and we all got soaked!

Miguel S.

CEO MullenLowe Group W. Europe