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LOLA 4th Most Creative Agency in the World

The Big Won Report 2016

The Directory Big Won report just published its 2016 results and we are ecstatic! LOLA MullenLowe is ranked as the 4th Most Creative Agency in the World, and our social change enforcing work, Football Memories for Líbero Magazine is ranked as the number #1 most awarded Radio campaign in the world and 16th creative campaign overall across all categories. Our gender shattering work for Magnum ice cream was also the 7th most awarded integrated work in the world.

We are also humbled to see that we are the most awarded agency in Branded Content, something we are truly proud of as we have always believed that great storytelling is the key to effective communication.

In addition, Pancho Cassis was ranked the 22nd Executive Creative Director and several members of his talented creative team where ranked among the best in the world. Tomás Ostiglia ranks as the 11th most awarded Creative Director and copywriter André Toledo and art director Lucas Reis as 15th and 8th respectively. This comes as no surprise to those of us who work with them.

LOLA MullenLowe, which also ranks as the number #1 most awarded agency in Spain (Olé!) according to this report, had a stellar year in awards across a wide variety of categories and for nine different clients including Unilever´s Magnum and Cornetto.

“Given the fact that we are a small 50-people agency, with a team of just 14 creatives, this comes as a huge honor for us. We’ve won with 12 different campaigns for 9 different clients, none of them NGO’s, and that makes us really happy. Moreover, this year we hand selected only 5 award shows to enter our work. It’s been a remarkable year for us and we are truly grateful for the caliber of brands that entrust us,” Pancho Cassis, Executive Creative Director.

The Directory BIG WON Rankings is an annual report curated by the UK advertising profesional Patrick Collister. The results are based on the best-performing campaigns, companies and professionals at festivals around the world. To see the full report, click HERE.