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Best Agency to Work

For the 3rd year in a row LOLA MullenLowe ranks among the Top 3 Best Agencies to Work for in Spain!

And for the first time LOLA Barcelona makes the rankings in local markets.


The prestigous marketing and advertising consultancy SCOPEN has presented the data from the latest edition of the "BEST AGENCY TO WORK FOR" study. The study focuses on Creative Agencies and identifies the 10 agencies best valued by professionals from the advertising sector to work for.

The field work was carried out throughout December 2019 and the first few months of 2020, through online and telephone interviews. McCann, Sra. Rushmore and LOLA Mullenlowe are again, for the third edition consecutive, the three most attractive agencies in which to work.

When asked what the main motivation woulde be to change agencies, creative agency professionals look for improving salary (41%), their career projection (36%) and the clients with whom the agency works (21%). When choosing a new agency, they look for, above all, camaraderie (41%), feeling proud of your company and position (20%) and the respect of their superiors (17%).

However, the professionals in creative agencies seem to feel comfortable in the company where they are currently working and 58% of the creatives do not plan to change companies while 27% say they will probably change companies in the future.

To complete the report, professionals were asked about the advertisers they would like to work with, a ranking known as “BEST MARKETER TO WORK WITH”. IKEA repeats again as the most attractive to professionals. In second position is Netflix, climbing 8 positions in the ranking with respect to the 2018 edition and the unseated NIKE is currently third. To complete the TOP 5: Burger King and Coca-Cola in fourth and fifth position respectively. On the other hand, State Lottery anks sixth and to complete the TOP 10 Mahou San Miguel in seventh, Campofrío in eighth, Apple in ninth and Audi in tenth place. It is worth highlighting the emergence, among the top ten, of Burger King, Mahou San Miguel and Campofrío that had not appeared in the previous edition.