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Effies season is Golden!

LOLA MullenLowe recently won 2 Golds Effies for our work on Burger King and Magnum.

Burger King´s Scary clown night was awarded a Gold in the retail category. Despite being an epic prank that trolled BK´s greatest competitor, this campaign was no joke. In facet, it was a global hit. It had the ability to fully engage people in the brand’s rivalry story (playing an active role in trolling McDonalds) and in the cultural hype of the moment with the clown as the star of Halloween 2017. Scary clown night mobilized an army of hundreds of thousands clowns to plan their Halloween night around our campaign and head to restaurants across the globe on a night to remember. An epic experience for those who joined the most epic prank ever made by a brand.

And It really moved business. Both short term and long term.

When thousands and thousands of Whoppers were given away for free, sales actually increased. Of course, when you give away your most beloved product for free, traffic will increase. We were expecting that. But what really made the difference is that the average consumption ticket also increased by 15%, making it irrelevant how many Whoppers we did or did not give away during that day. And as a result of higher top of mind (people were thinking more about BK) and an extraordinary engagement, the numbers got even stronger after.

In a category that’s been declining in the last few years, we had almost 30% growth in restaurants that had deployed Scary Clown Night for the following month after the activation. And growth continued going strong for months, the restaurants that had deployed the activation saw a 25% sales increase in December as well. More than a campaign, this is a business case about successful global implementation.

 The winning results:

  • 35 countries, 1500 restaurants, 110,000 people dressed up as clowns and went to Burger King.
  • 21% increase in traffic.
  • 15% sales increase.
  • ¢22.4 Million in earned media.
  • 2.1 Billion impressions. 


For Magnum, we told the story of how Magnum invited a new, younger audience to indulge in our latest pleasure – new Magnum Pints - with its rich chocolate shards, swirled in velvety vanilla ice cream, all wrapped in a chocolate shell, made to be broken, delivering the signature cracking experience of Magnum ice cream.  We created a seductive and persuasive campaign to launch Magnum Pints across Europe in 2017.

The winning results:

  • More than €65m Value Sales
  • +12% Total Magnum Brand
  • 5% Penetration in Europe
  • +30%-50% Average Category
  • Persuasion PreView score 99/100