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LOLA Wins Big at CDEC

The Agency takes home the Grand Prix and much more

LOLA MullenLowe had a big night on Saturday in San Sebastian at the annual Creative Club awards taking home the Grand Prix for thier global Burger King campaign, Scary Clown Night.

In addition, LOLA MullenLowe won the following awards at the gala for our clients.

Gran Premio -  Burger King – Scary Clowns

Gold - Burger King – Scary Clowns - Film

Gold - Burger King – Scary Clowns - Experiential

Gold - Burger King – Scary Clowns - Idea

Plata - Burger King – Scary Clowns - Craft/Photography

Gold - Libero - Eterno Calderon - Idea

Bronze  - Unilever, Frigo Pie - Idea

Bronce  - Libero - Valerrama Touch Your Footballs  - Press


INSTAWARDS (special award for creativity on Instagram)

Bronze  - Burger King - Whopper Stories


Shortlisted work that will be published in the annual book, in addition to the above

Mattel, Pictionary – The Fish - Film

Libero  - Eternal Calderon - Film

Burger King - BK Clan - Innovation


See the work here: