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Ibiza’s 30th Anniversary, best ad of the year

he 30th anniversary ad for SEAT Ibiza was awarded by Hearst Group magazines, Car and Driver, TP and Supertele, “Best Ad of 2015”, an award given by the readers of said publications, in which they assessed, overall, the ad’s creativity and originality. The Marketing Director of SEAT Spain, Se?bastien Guigues, was in charge of receiving the award at a ceremony held at Hotel Palace in Madrid.
This is the fourth time that SEAT has won “Best Ad” after the awards won for the digital animation advert starring Colombian artist Shakira in 2011, the ad for the 25thanniversary of SEAT Ibiza in 2010, and for the commercial with Shakira and the Ibiza in 2008, a fact that reinforces the Spanish brand’s capacity for innovation in the area of communication, marketing and advertising.
The advertisement for the 30th anniversary of the SEAT Ibiza commemorates the four generations of the popular model and the life experiences that its drivers have experienced over the course of this time. With the motto “Time flies when you’re having fun, even if it’s 30 years” it has shown that the Ibiza is a car that, generation after generation, has been the icon associated with very positive feelings, and is the icon of youth in Spain.
The Marketing Department of SEAT Spain and the advertising agency LOLA were responsible for developing the creative idea and the production of the ad.

Miguel S.

CEO MullenLowe Group W. Europe