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Gonzalo Arce: Lego, 3D and drums.


Well known in town, he has built his career up from humility and making things happen. Gonzalo Arce de la Gala is always ready to chat about his projects, background and early path in the Art Direction. 


So how did you start?

When I was a kid, I used to play LEGO, I loved building things, thinking of typography and my favorite momento in school was the design contest for the school celebrations.I thought then about Advertising in university.


How did you figure this out in a professional way?

I started Advertising and PR and then I got BA in Audiovisual Communication too. I realized there, that I didn’t like what the positions in the Advertising the showed me: media planning, account management and pure marketing. I wanted to be a creative and take my projects to the next level. I want people to enjoy what I do.

That’s why I exploited my visual side and started to make short movies with my friends. We were called “Amnesia Productions” crazy and trash master pieces that we were to be proud of.

We made in total 3 movies, 30 minutes or more, and we are still pending to be finished.


What about creativity, how did you get here?

While I studied my last year I started in a small agency called Mr Beebe in creation but I still couldn’t find myself then.

After few years, I decided to keep learning, I studied 3D in Trazos school and later on I got ready for a master degree in TAG where I met Santiago Quirós, my partner then, so we started to give form to our portfolio and we showed in several agencies. LOLA was happy then to get us on board, so this is how it happen.


Since you are here, what projects have you been involved in?

What I can highlight the most is Líbero “Cláusula de San Valentín” and Líbero “Maradona”, this one received a bronze award at Festival El Sol, with my Santi Quirós and Gabri Fernández. I’m glad the directors trusted us since the beginning. I also was involved in Líbero “Spray” and Cornetto “Series Commitment” in the 3D motion. I want to thank Hetu Negri, Lucas Reis and Andre Toledo by the way.



Apart from art directing, what else makes you happy and passionate about?

The Buildings is the name of my band, described sometimes as “immense pop melodies, “psychedelize” punk and destroy music equipment in the third song of a gig”.


I also do 3D personal projects: “Melancholia sunset” and the “iPhone 5z” for instance.