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Ginés Gomez en CTRL anuario 2022

"Campañas que Cambian el chip al sector"

Ginés, copywriter, wrote an the article for CONTROL choosing the campaign "Unboxing Ibai" for Netflix & Play5. 

 Entertainment advertising. What two very opposite things! I appreciate an idea like this in the age of the most intrusive advertising, where brands can send you a notification to your watch right at lunchtime to order a hamburger. Why an Unboxing? Why with Ibai? Why streaming it if everything can go wrong? Because it's fantastic. Because it's cool. And because we need a lot of cool advertising. Advertising that understands the audience you want to target. And even more so when it comes to gaming. 

We consider that an idea is better for its ability to hack the medium, where users don't expect it to be. To appear from the shadows to achieve a more significant impact. Maybe because great campaigns are measured in numbers, and that's okay. Numbers make brands grow. However, the gamer community is increasingly antagonistic to this intrusive advertising. What we see as a genius  campaign,they see it a as an interruption. 

A good example is how KFC took out Marbella Vice. So now all brands want to sneak into the live streams of the most famous streamers, in their events, in the video games they play... And if it's free, great idea! 

 But this comes at a price, and a the gaming community  can work against you if you only -, and I stress the word only- try to take advantage of it. It demands that you give something in return. So even if it is only content that respects its medium, and if it brings value in the form of performance, all the better. It will become advertising that is impossible to skip. 

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