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First Cannes Lions impressions by María García.

 So we are talking about Cannes Lions’ week… what did you do apart from the advertising affairs?

Well, I guess that, in one way or another, everything I did was related to advertising because, at least, for one week at year Cannes breaths advertising. But I got to catch up with people from all around the world and talked endlessly about the divine and human with my LOLA’s coworkers, and well about the next-to-last GOT’s episode...


Now about talks… Which was the most interesting speaker, theory, concept..?

It’s very difficult to choose just one. I loved how Will Smith brings storytelling into every single thing, how David Droga is straight to the point and clear or how R/GA proved us you can implement innovation and creativity into everything and make a profit of it.


Any quotes to highlight?

"The most intimidating thing for a client it's to trust an agency" David Droga dixit.


Did you treat yourself with any special… snack? Smoothie? Sun bath? Shopping? Walk along the beach?

I’m still dreaming about the cheese selection at the Maison Samsung rooftop! Also, you could find delicious smoothies on Youtube’s beach. And of course, we were in France, the french fries were… oh la lá!


What made you sharing the festival highlights on social networks? Why?

I usually tweet quotes when I truly believe them and mostly to keep a record of them, I have a terrible memory for that kind of things and I want to be able to come back to them. Also, to share what I was learning and spread the word!


What has been the naffest and the coolest of the festival? (by far)

Well the coolest thing was to watch how everyone at the opening gala followed Tomas Ostiglia making a conga line, well he’s got some killer dance moves. And the naffest, well sometimes too many advertising people gathered together it’s too much to handle… and it gets even worse if you give them alcohol!


What would you improve for Cannes Lions 2017? Things not to repeat next year…

I’d love if all those super interesting conferences were not all happening at the same time… it’s impossible to attend to everything that it’s interesting. It’s like choosing which groups you’re seeing at the Primavera Sound… it’s just not fair. Also, everything starts and ends too early for a Spanish… it’d be great if they schedule more conferences beyond 5 p.m.


Can you tell us about your daily plans? (wake up early, get a nice breakfast… and son on).

Get up early after just 4 or 5 hours of sleep, get ready in a rush, have breakfast on the go and run into the Palais to get a seat at the conferences. At noon I’d visit Facebook’s beach to grab some free food and drinks, while charging my phone and listening to one of their talks. I’d get back to the Palais for the last conferences of the day and meet up with people to have some drinks at the different beaches. Then it’d be time to come back to the apartment and get ready for dinner and for any party that would be taking place that night. And drink the last beer at the Martinez, unskypable Cannes’ tradition.


How do you see Cannes in 2030? Where is the advertising going?

I guess that the near future will be all about innovation, brands being useful and entertaining. Also in the next years the focus will be still in minorities and gender equality. But 2030 it’s too far away, the future is now and we are still guessing how the industry is going to reinvent itself, everything moves too fast.


What have you learnt that is going to change your way of seeing things now?

I think it has just reinforced how I see the industry’s future and I how I’d love grow into this business.