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Andrea Serrat: Fine Artist and Art Director

Andrea Serrat is one of our new signings in Lola Madrid. Beside Art Direction she has another passion: painting. Andrea has been passionate about Art since she was a child. From a very young age she was interested on crafts, she started experiencing with clay and drawing naif figures. The living room at her house was full of classic and contemporary reproductions, and she always looked at them with admiration and curiosity. She started off going to ceramic and painting lessons at school, but it wasn’t until she was 18 that she decided to start her Fine Arts Degree majoring in Painting. 

Although she went to the university she also taught herself. Painting became her favorite subject so she decided to improve her knowledge about this technique practicing at home everyday, going to museums to study the classics and going to private courses during summer. She was selected to participate in many courses with famous artists as Antonio López, Golucho or Andrés García Ibáñez. Her favorite technique is oil painting, but she also pours her creativity in charcoal drawing, silicone sculpture and other techniques. 

The main topic in her work is the light and the human figure. Apart from classic painters as Veermer, Velázquez or Goya, another references in her career have been Justin Mortimer, Michael Borremans, Alex Kanevsky, Alejandro Marco, Brett Amory, Golucho or Gerhard Richter. Lots of people says that her work have Hopper’s influences, whose work she loves too. 

After one-year residency in London learning English, getting in touch with art and teaching painting, she came back to Madrid to start a Master of Advertising Creativity. Then she discovered her new and actual passion, art direction. So from Monday to Friday Andrea is working with us using Photoshop and Ilustrator among others, but she always save some time during the weekend to to stain her hands sketching and painting something. You can check her website in the link below and follow her on Instagram.