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Committment Rings

The Challenge

 “Cornetto has always been about celebrating teen love in a fun, light-hearted way. With #seriescommitment campaign, we wanted to encourage teens to commit to watching their favourite tv series together. Thanks to Cornetto and NFC technology, we can end the despicable behaviour of watching episodes of your favourite tv series without your partner.”  - Barbara Cavicchia - Cornetto global brand director 


Product Innovation.



We’ve all done it and we all really hate it when someone else does it to us.Watching episodes without your partner is the worst kind of cheating. 

We have the solution.

A pair of rings that link to a video-streaming platform through NFC technology that can only be activated when the rings are close together.  


Users register the rings through an app and then select the series they want to watch together.

They put both rings close to their smartphone and the app will unblock the video streaming platform.

They can share the series they love, together. 

To get a pair, people can sign up on the website and when we release them, we will do a first come first serve limited release tied to a promotion. 

The app is in development and we are currently negotiating with video streaming platforms to partner with us so we can launch it fully and make it available to people asap.

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