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Release the Beast

The Challenge

Magnum is daring “Pleasure Seekers” to let go and courageously push their pleasure boundaries with its latest “Release the beast’ campaign.




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The campaign encourages ice cream fans to dare to release their wild side, empowering them to seize the day and take that extra dose of indulgence that only a Magnum Double could offer: two layers of cracking chocolate with a luscious sauce in between.                                                     

The creative strategy is led by LOLA Mullen Lowe and has been building for the past six years when the brand took a strategic shift away from hidden pleasure to a positive, unapologetic, and celebratory point of view on pleasure.


The campaign kicks off with the spectacular film, “Release the Beast”, produced by Propaganda Productions and shot by award winning director Martin Werner. The song “High Ball Stepper” was written and recorded by the legendary Jack White and licensed by Big Sync Music. The film shows pleasure seekers proudly releasing their beasts when biting into a Magnum Double, with the animals featured representing the metaphor of this fiercer, more empowered persona, which lives within all of us.


We are thrilled to launch “Release the Beast” as a powerful example of Magnum’s philosophy. We wholly encourage each and every person to indulge and take pleasure in letting go with us. Everybody has a beast that lives inside them and this campaign is about daring people to unleash it; both through enjoying a Magnum Double and by adopting this attitude to their lives. To go for it and most of all, enjoy it”, says Neil Gledhill, Global Brand Director – Magnum at Unilever.


 LOLA MullenLowe has been the global lead agency for Magnum since 2006 and the Unilever brand is currently valued at over 1 billion euros.

We are very proud of our relationship with the Magnum team and all of their growth and success. Release the Beast is an amazing testament to their commitment to do great, effective work that resonates with people. Furthermore, it reinforces the philosophy of the brand to create immense value and lasting impact on the business,” says Miguel Simoes, CEO of LOLA MullenLowe.




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