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Temples, rodeos and an Italian grandfather.

It is a trip around the world without leaving the room.

LOLA MullenLowe Barcelona launches a new campaign for Grefusa´s MisterCorn. The campaign was released on 14th March 2017.  

MisterCorn, the leading brand in Spain for corn, assorted and popcorn of Grefusa, has produced along with LOLA MullenLowe Barcelona its new campaign for Flavors of the World, "They take you there, without moving from here." 

A wild bull, a temple and an Italian grandfather along with the true protagonists of the campaign, the new flavors of MisterCorn– are the ones in charge of transporting us to Arizona, Japan and Tuscany without moving from the sofa.

 This is the first campaign that MisterCorn and LOLA MullenLowe Barcelona have worked on. The campaign was created to present the new flavors of Mistercorn– both assortments-wise and the new range of snacks, corn chips.

"Do you know that moment that you eat something and for a moment transport yourself to another place? Well that moment is what we have counted in this campaign. When we work for snacks we focus on that "something" that makes the brand unique and we try to make people understand it easily, otherwise MisterCorn would be another bag in the lineal, " according to Nestor Garcia and Nacho Oñate, Creative Executive Directors of LOLA MullenLowe Barcelona.

 The campaign opens in March at the national level in Spain, with coverage on TV.

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