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María León

The Challenge

Nueva campaña de Snatt´s, primer trabajo de LOLA MullenLowe para Grefusa, con María León como protagonista e imagen de la marca.




Advertising, Digital Advertising.

Over the next year the famous spanish actress María León will describe us what Snatt's is really about, in a funny and "snacky" way.

Snatt's is a delicious snack: baked cereals, nuts and fiber. María explains: "Es rico. Es bueno, Es Snatt's" (It's good, It's tasty, Its Snatt's). With this new campaign, Grefusa's positionning is healthy snacking. LOLA MullenLowe and Snatt's have just started working together early in the year when the agency won the account by national competition.  


"LOLA MullenLowe has expertise in the snack category and has understood the strategic needs and our tone of communication, adapting to it to generate a very noticeable and balanced campaign, says Snatt's Marketing Director.





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