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Why not?

The Challenge

With the launch campaign, "Why not a Cornetto?" the brand asked the us to create a communication campaign with the aim of bringing Cornetto to the top of mind when you get a little hungry (usually during the afternoon) but do not know what to eat, that moment when young people tend to eat snacks.


Digital Advertising.




Immersed in July, the heat has arrived and with it, the desire to go out, walk along the beach and enjoy an ice cream. Whether sharing it with friends at a pool party with a flamingo floatie or snack between meals, Cornetto is the true king of the summer.

"With the #PorQueNoUnCornetto LOLA campaign has ensured that young people opt for a Cornetto to enjoy at snack time. From the beginning, the agency understood the strategic needs and values of Cornetto and we are pleased wiht the direction where we are going and what we are building together. " - Carla Vidal, Brand Manager of Cornetto in Spain.







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