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Burger King


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Burger King España.

Burger King “Batidos imbatibles” (Unbeatable Milkshakes)


Everyone wants to feel unbeatable as they go about their day. In this summer campaign for their new Oreo and KitKat milkshakes, Burger King shows us that we can!

The concept for the campaign was inspired by real people. LOLA MullenLowe teamed up with the quick restaurant to give their own humorous spin on the famous “Thug Life” social media trend. The ads encourage people not to let social norms get in the way of how they want to live their lives and be unbeatable.

LOLA wanted to create a campaign for Burger King that would resonate with the millions of people that use social media every day. With the videos attracting more than a million views on YouTube alone, it looks like a hit!

Using #shakelife as the main hashtag added fun and flair on social media.

Be unbeatable.

See the campaign videos HERE and HERE



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