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Cotilleo en Carballiño


The Challenge


Digital Advertising.



Pescanova “Menos cotilleo mas pulpo”  (more octopus, less gossip)

 Cotilleo is the Spanish word for gossip. The gossip has been the the center of attention for Pescanova launching their new product cooked octopus (pulpo). The brand wanted to send a message to the Spanish people “less gossip and more octopus”. It’s time to showcase the best octopus which is made in Caballiño, Spain.

The Spanish people have the tendency to think that gossiping relies only in small towns. But, this isn’t entirely true, people in big cities gossip as much as the rest.

The campaign’s location was in the town Carballiño. It is the best place on earth for octopus and that’s a fact. It has the most peculiar characters such as: octopus’ chef, a hairdresser, a waiter, and a shoemaker. These people represent the cotilleo in the town.

The iconic pulperia Gallega in the town evokes memories and nostalgia from people who has ever been there; not only for its traditions but for the popular octopus dish cooked there. It brings the people together as a Spanish cuisine landmark.  

 Pescanova remarks that if in this summer you will fill your mouth with gossip, maybe instead try to fill it out with its delicious octopus.

 Watch the spots here:


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