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Frigo Pie

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Unilever Ice Creams.

Frigo Pie, one of Spain’s best-loved ice creams, is turning 35 this year. We here at LOLA think this calls for a celebration!

Frigo Pie has been delighting children for so long that many of them aren’t even children anymore. In all this time however, there is something that hasn’t changed, and that is the size of the ice cream. So we decided to reward Frigo Pie’s life-long fans with a special tailor made edition.

And when we say tailor made, we mean tailor made.

Do you have size 9 feet? Size 12? Maybe size 14? No problem! On the 16th of September, we opened our shoe store in a popular shopping complex in Madrid that allowed customers to get their own ultra-sized version of their favourite treat.  

The reaction was just as positive as we expected, and we loved reminding both adults and children alike of why they’ve always loved Frigo Pie.

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