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Burger King

BK Chicken Fries

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Burger King España.

Taking Burger King back to 2005– Chicken Fries are back on the menu and back on Myspace! 

Chicken Fries are one of Burger King´s most beloved and iconic products from the 2000s and for first time in 12 years they are back on the menu in Spain and on Myspace, the most popular social network of the 2000s.

To celebrate their triumphant return, Burger King takes us back to the era of 8-bit and opens a profile on MySpace, while closing their Facebook page for a full week.

Content fresh from the 2000s will lead users on a journey where they will be able to win free Chicken Fries and go back in time. 

“Chicken Fries have always been a popular product for people on social networks. So when we received the brief of their re-launch, we thought it might be a lot of fun to do it in an authentic way, in a digital experience that would make them go back in time, using the social networks that were used when they were launched for the first time,” said Fred Bosch, Director of Innovation at LOLA MullenLowe.

 See the campaign video here:


Vist the Burger King Spain FB page:

Visit the Burger King Spain Myspace page:



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