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Eternal Calderón

The Challenge




Revista Líbero.

Local Football clubs ask Vicente Calderon to donate his organs.

The campaign calls on Atletico Madrid to donate the "organs" of its stadium to clubs in need. 

In the coming weeks, Vicente Calderon, one of the most beloved stadiums in Spain, will be demolished. After 51 years and innumerable historical events, the stadium, which was named after the club´s President, will leave us forever.

Libero, an independent football magazine, decided to take this opportunity to help Madrid's local football clubs who struggle to survive every day by giving them access to much needed supplies. In spite of the tremendous popularity of football in Spain, there are many clubs in Madrid that need better uniforms, grass, changing rooms, lights and goals, amongst many other things.

Libero invites Atletico Madrid fans, and football fans in general, to join forces and convince the team that Vicente Calderon should donate his "organs" to these clubs to help them stay alive.

"If the 'organs' of the Calderón stadium were to survive in the neighborhoods of Madrid, Atletico would do a great job of making its stadium eternal while keeping Madrid´s local soccer scene alive," says Diego Barcala, founder of Libero.

Go to to hear stories about the different clubs that need help as told by the Presidents, players and coaches of the teams who are desperately waiting for a donation.

This campaign was created by Spanish agency LOLA MullenLowe. The film was produced and directed by Martin Kalina, Luis Mermet of Primo.

See the campaign site here:

Sign the petition here:

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