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The Marriage of Tech & Entertainment


The Challenge

Entertechment offers a real opportunity to help people and brands, who don´t consider themselves part of the entertainment world, realize they can become active participants for two reasons:

The motivations and needs that drive humans to entertain and be entertained remain as strong and unchanged as ever. Therefore, new technologies shouldn't be intimidating.

The disruption of technology in our day-to-day lives makes us all (brands & humans) potential entertainers. Therefore, the opportunities to tap into those human needs & motivations are only bigger with each disruption.

In fact, understanding these two, and the connection between them, has become crucial, because the challenge to win the attention of others has become more difficult than ever.


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October 13.

When we think about entertainment and technology we instinctively know that means we are spending more time on our smart phones, watching videos, sharing images and maybe hopelessly trying to understand Snapchat, but do we fully understand how entertainment is mediated by technology? And if we do, then how can we harness this knowledge to help people and brands thrive in this world?

In this new landscape we call Entertechment, we aim to turn by-standers into active players. 

To reach our conclusions, we immersed ourselves in the human truths behind how people entertain themselves nowadays. We questioned why people want to be entertained and what moves them? How entertainment has changed with technology and what has stayed the same?

Adweek recently featured our study. Have a look at the article here. 

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