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Jack Daniel's

Your way is the way

The Challenge

How to update the iconic whiskey by uniting influencers and artisans, without losing sight of the origins of the brand.


Branded Content.


Jack Daniel's.

The digital creative campaign creates a connection with a young and modern public. The strategy is based on motivating people to create, do and be themselves. More importantly, to not feel the need to follow established standards ways. The campaign message "Your way is the way" underscores this belief and encourages people who are unique to remain faithful to their originality.

The first phase of the campaign recognizes three very specific influencers in three audiovisual pieces that tell their stories, sharing experiences and reflecting the legacy of Jack Daniel's authenticity while reinforcing the mentality of "Your way is the way."



These influencers have all been selected for their way of seeing the world. The brand values of Jack Daniel's and these unique characters get along perfectly. To tell the brand story in a non-intrusive way, Jack Daniel's will use one of its most unique assets, wooden barrels of American white oak. The barrels will be the raw material in making handmade and unique objects ; a set of dj, analog photography camera and a set for drawing.

Marc Morro, industrial designer, was commissioned to design and produce each. In addition, apprentices will be selected to spend the day next to each influencer, to learn and create, as they find their own way. The hashtag campaign is #Jacksway

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