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SEAT León 5D

This is the moment

The Challenge

We had two challenges in this brief. Much like the SEAT brand itself, the LEON is perceived as a small car and its still associated with a sports car. So we need to reinforce the new positioning of the model and the brand: "The car that comes complete with reliable technology to allow drivers 'and families' enjoyment.”  

In addition, in 2017 the new LEON PA hits dealerships with a facelift and design updates (exterior and interior) and better technology features. At first glance they do not look like they are very different from the current versions, but this new LEON is improved and we needed to highlight the sleek features and design details to help improve the perception at the brand / model image level. 








12 January 2017

LOLA MullenLowe Barcelona launches a new global campaign for the SEAT León 5D that is aimed at young, cool drivers who value design and fun.

The spot tells the story of a man who fits in anywhere. The spot highlights the car´s sleek design, and emphasizes that the SEAT León 5D is a technological and functional car, but also seductive.

The campaign will feature TVC, graphic, OOH and press material. Likewise, the campaign includes digital pieces that link the campaign to the strategy of brand that it has been building together with LOLA for 3 years. Since 2013, LOLA has helped SEAT to consolidate its product strategy, making the Leon its highest selling model today.

For Néstor García and Nacho Oñate, Executive Creative Directors of LOLA MullenLowe in Barcelona, "With this campaign we wanted to reflect that moment in life, when you hit the age of thirty, where you look good in any situation. You are not very old and you are not too young to live how you want to live. The car, both by design and technology, is the ideal companion for this moment in life. "





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