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About us

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LOLA is a creative and strategically driven advertising agency with a Latin spirit and global reach.
Olé around the world!

We develop fully integrated, global campaigns, with people at the heart of every idea. 

We are committed to solving our client's business problems with creativity, strategy and innovation.

We are proud to work with some of the world's most valued ice cream, automotive, games and toys and local brands.


Come and see us!

We have offices in the hearts of two of the world's greatest cities: Madrid & Barcelona 



41.392001, 2.172148



40.417456, -3.695773


Our mantra

Our philospohy can be summed up in one powerful Spanish word, “Vamos”. We say it all-the-time, maybe too much, but it keeps us going! Vamos!!


LOLA’s Teams

We are hungry, open, solvers and obsessive about our craft. We work together in teams to solve problems and have a great time doing it. 

Discover more people


Over 16 different nationalities are hard at work in LOLA. This gives us unique insight and perspective for our clients and a really lucrative betting pool during the World Cup!!





The icing


We work hard and play hard together. The talented people at LOLA share their after work talents in painting expos, concerts, all night DJ sets, plays and robot making workshops. In addition, we love Game of thrones and dance to reggaeton (I mean c'mon we are all Latin). 

And just to brag a little, in the 2014 Cannes Report we were ranked the 17th most creative agency in the world, 4th in Europe and 1st in Spain. Our very own Chief Creative Officer, Chacho Puebla, was ranked 7th in the world and we were named agency of the Year at the El Sol Festival. In 2015, we have won 9 lions in Cannes in 8 categories, but who´s counting!?

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